We live in a world where communication has become fast, easy and effortless. So when one makes the investment in time and energy to write a letter, it is a serious matter.

It could be that a lover wanting to declare his love to the woman of his dreams, and a Hallmark card just won’t cut it.

This, however, is not one of those.

My letter is to remind you that the work that you do is described as ‘civil service’.
I can understand that with all the power entrusted to you, it’s easy to forget.

‘Civil service’ has two important words.

Firstly, ‘service’.

It is important to remember the direction of the desired service. You are to be of service. It is not to be confused with expecting to be served. You have been placed in your position by us. When you refrain from implementing policies, procedures and programs that benefit the wider community, we find it very difficult to keep you in your position. You have chosen to dedicate your life to serve the wider community. Your position does not entitle you, or your family and friends for that matter, to unduly benefit from it.

The second word is ‘civil’.

When you are rude to me, and treat me with disrespect and disdain, I have to believe that you have forgotten the nature of your work. And the next time you waste my time with inefficiency please remember that it is our taxes that is paying your money.
Again, civil service provides the focus of your work – ordinary citizens and their concerns.

I do not expect a reply from you. I only expect you to reorientate yourself around the job description find in your title.

Yours sincerely,
Your employer, aka the tax-payer.

[Written for Day 8 of the 30 day Writers Bootcamp project @writersbootcmp ]

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