I’ve always loved stories.
My biggest childhood frustration was to ask someone else to read me as story. Some were good at it, taking the time to savour the story with me. Others just wanted to get it over with. My excitement at going to start school was based solely on acquiring the skill to read. My love for words, and subsequent dislike for numbers, was evident in my commitment and work-rate shown in different subject (and in my grades, of course)

As I learned to decipher the obscure markings on a page, stories emerged that would transport me to another world. My white library card was my passport. I would travel frequently and widely.

My love for stories isn’t limited to the ones found in books. We go to the movies in search of a good story. My judgement of a movie isn’t based on the action scenes, who played in it, or the soundtrack. The mark of a good movie is one that tells a story well.
After watching The fault in our stars, I tweeted that a “good movie makes me think.A great movie reminds me what it feels like to be human”

The reason why we love stories, is because our we live in stories. All the seemingly dislocated fragments of our days, tell a story. A simple definition for story is someone who wants something and overcomes obstacles in the pursuit of that goal. Even though you might not be aware of it, you are living out a story. On some level you have a sense of what you want to be happy/fulfilled/successful [insert] and you orientate your life around it.

I also believe we are part of a bigger God story. We are invited to find and play out our role, with each other, for the good of the world.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. (Author disputed)

I get uncomfortable whenever we talk as if we have life figured out. If we ever get to drink coffee together, you will often hear me ask “I wonder what it would be like if…” It is an attempt to help my friends imagine and find their way into new ways of living. It is more helpful than telling others what to do. It’s an invitation to explore, imagine, risk and experiment.

There is not much we can do about history. We cannot escape it, and it does have an influence on the present. But, we are not prisoners of the past. We get to create the future we want to live in. The future is filled with opportunity, creativity and responsibility.

In the western world we overemphasize the new and disregard the old. We replace rather than repair. Our arrogance leads us to miss out on the gifts previous generations offer us. When we respect and honour the past, we find ideas, practices and stories that help us understand ourselves, avoid mistakes and find depth.

Grace is one of my favourite words, because I need it often. I make mistakes, I go astray, I mess up.
Graces invites me back, restores, heals and transforms.

As I open my hands to receive grace, I am also invited to extend it to others.

{Written for Day 2 of the 30 day Writers Bootcamp project @writersbootcmp]

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