In yesterday’s post, I identified 5 of my favourite words in the English language. Ironically, one of them is words.

For me, words are at the core of life. Everything starts with a word.

Some words used together can be painful. Think of the many dreams destroyed by snide remarks. Of the hearts broken by things that were said. Or not said.

Early one Saturday morning, a year ago, I was awakened by a ringing phone. It was my mother.

“Your father’s passed away”.

Words that announced the arrival of a new reality. Life without my father. My oldest friend.

The word pendulum also swings to the other side. To words that bring joy and laughter, that invites to new opportunities, that starts a new journey. Words like “yes, I will marry you.”

I have a dream to touch people with my use of words. I want to write books, give talks, have conversations that inspire and give hope.

My biggest fear then, is to die with the dream unfulfilled. To walk over to the other side, with a bag of unused word seeds in hand.

[Written for Day 3 of the 30 day Writers Bootcamp project @writersbootcmp]

Image from Flickr under Creative Commons License

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