Bucket lists are usually items you dream of fulfilling before you expire. Rather than making new year resolutions, my wife and I have our own ritual to start a new year with.
We take time individually to reflect in gratitude on the previous year. We write down our highs and lows, and identify the lessons we learned. We share these with each other – a privilege we have to witness the other’s life.

After looking back, we also take time to look up, in and forward. We spend time looking up in prayer, silence and solitude to get a sense to where God is inviting us. The invitations from God is often not so much focused on things to achieve as it is on who God is inviting us to become. From that sense, we also look inward to the passion burning in our hearts, and then forward towards the future we want to live in.We connect around our individual lists, how we can support one another and write down a few shared items. From this, we write down what you might call a yearly bucket list.

It would be of great help to reflect on this list regularly, at least monthly. I am amazed at how many things have already realized even though I haven’t looked at the list since January. When you commit something to paper, your focus and intention is set upon a path to the achievement of that list.

As poet Mary Oliver asks in “The Summer Day”:
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

What would you write down on your bucket list with a focus on the person you are becoming?

[Written for Day 27 of the 30 day Writers Bootcamp project @writersbootcmp ]

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