Prayer is the core practice of spirituality.
It is the simple act of interacting with God.
It is talking to God, listening to God, being with God.

Yet, so often we complicate it.
We get trapped into thinking that there is a secret formula to prayer.
We fret over the right words and the correct posture.
When asked to pray in the company of others, we become self-conscious.
We worry about what others will think of our prayers.

In prayer, there is no right or wrong. There is only what is real.
This is the best advice I’ve ever received about prayer.
It invites me to let go of all prayer technology, to approach prayer as a conversation with One that loves me deeply.
It is to let go of pretense, to be honest and raw.
To be with God as simply and honestly as I can manage.

The power of my prayer is not in the choice of my words, the length of my silence, the volume of my voice, or in the way that I sit.

It’s about Who I am with when I pray.

[Written for Day 10 of the 30 day Writers Bootcamp project @writersbootcmp ]

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