Every day, in articles and conversations all over the world, discussions focus on what’s wrong with the world.
The weight of arguments presented stretch from personal opinion to advanced research.
How we see the problems of the world, is deeply influenced by our paradigms, world-view, background and exposure.
It becomes the lens through which we see the world, its problems and ultimately what we offer as solutions to them.

We look around us and see things that aren’t the way they ought to be.
Everywhere we find pain and brokenness.

And we want it fixed.

We have deep-seated yearning from wholeness.

Our efforts to cure the problems of the world stop short when we only look outside.
The problem is not just out there.
It is in here.
It is in you, it’s in me, it’s in us.

We often find if frightening to go inside.
We are afraid of what we will find when we turn the light on to our inner world.
We would much rather fix others, than to face our pain and brokenness.

Often a trusted friend, a spiritual director, psychologist or coach can help us take the first step.

Until we do that, nothing really changes.

What’s wrong with the world is what’s wrong with me.

[Written for Day 16 of the 30 day Writers Bootcamp project @writersbootcmp ]

Image from Flickr.com under Creative Commons License

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