Disappointment is part of life. No matter how hard you to try to avoid it, disappointment visits every person on earth. And when it does, people often offer well-meaning advice ‘When one door closes, another opens”. You have probably heard this a few times, and like me, have said it too.

Now on one level it is helpful. It invites you to accept disappointment, without it having the last say. It offers hope that the future could look different.

It is not,however,helpful when this belief keeps you from making a decision and keeps you stuck.

It’s the difference between waiting actively for God’s guidance and stalling in fear.

Two peculiar stories around Jesus invites us to a third option.

News made the rounds that Jesus was visiting town, and a group of friends heard about it. They had a paraplegic friend that they just had to get close to Jesus. Unfortunately they weren’t the only people who wanted to see Jesus. The venue where Jesus was, was packed to the rafters. The crowd was blocking the doors and the windows.Seeing the door closed, they did what every reasonable person would do. They climbed on the roof, moved some tiles and lowered their friend to below. Jesus forgives the man of his sin, and heals him. He walks out of the very same door that was closed.

The other story takes places three days after Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection. Jesus’ followers are hiding, afraid. Jesus ignores the closed door, and appears to them. When one doors closes, God comes through the wall.

The two story invites us to trust, and find creative ways to explore new opportunities. It invites us to have faith, be bold & take initiative.

Where do you need to take initiative where you have stalled long enough at a closed door?

[Written for Day 6 of the 30 day Writers Bootcamp project @writersbootcmp ]

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